No Till Organic Farming

Powered by Man, Nurtured by Nature

About Us

In 2020, I(Omar) began my journey in the horticulture industry. After earning my degree in horticulture from the College of Dupage, I spent three years gaining experience at various nurseries and farms. It was during this time that I became aware of the harmful effects of conventional pesticide spraying. This realization sparked my passion for organic regenerative practices, leading me to pursue a path focused on sustainable agriculture.

Determined to learn and eventually establish my own farm, I took a leap of faith in 2023 and became an intern at WWOOF, an organic farming organization. It was there that I discovered Banford Road Farm, a small 1-acre farm. I spent the spring, summer, and fall immersed in the principles of no-till regenerative farming. Witnessing the transformative effects of this approach, I became passionate about its efficiency and benefits. No-till farming brought life back into the soil, resulting in better-tasting, nutrient-dense vegetables, and fostering a healthier environment for all living organisms to thrive.

A year later, in 2024, Estefani and I found a piece of land to call home: 2 acres at Soulful Prairies in Woodstock, Illinois. It was here that Soulshine Farm was born, and I am thrilled to serve my community with fresh, organic produce.

Our Vision

Our mission is to cultivate a sustainable and regenerative agricultural model that nurtures the land while providing nourishing, organic produce. Through our commitment to no-till farming practices, we aim to preserve soil health, enhance biodiversity, and promote a thriving ecosystem. We are dedicated to fostering a deep connection between our community and the food they eat, encouraging a more conscious and sustainable approach to farming and living.

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